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World To Build is happy to announce our first Forum Story Contest! The entry process is simple. Read the rules listed on this forum post... then create your own story. There will be multiple contest winners, each of who will win between 500 and 1,000 Bits!

Entries end on Friday, December 6th. Send links to your forum post directly to my World To Build messages. ( Good luck!

+ You may submit a maximum of 2 entries.
+ You must continue the story from the quote below.
+ Stories must be at least 500 *letters* to be considered entries!
+ Stories must abide by our Terms of Service and Forum Guidelines!

Story Beginning:

"It's a cold morning and you're traveling by horseback. In your hand you hold a compass and a secret treasure that you have to deliver to a merchant in town. During a thunderstorm you lose your compass and aren't sure how to make it back to town. You keep riding forward and reach a crossroads. There are 3 different paths to take. Which will you choose?"

Writer's block? Think about this:

How will you make it back to town?
How will you find food and water?
What's the treasure you're carrying and where did you find it?
Who will you find along the way?
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