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New Web Update

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06-18-2022 1:49 AM
Hey all, we just pushed out a web update with some new additions and improvements. Here's a recap:

- Membership has been added back with a new name. "Membership" and "Super Mega Membership" have replaced Boost. Check out the benefits:
- We've moved our payment process to Stripe checkout.
- We added clubs and friends to profiles! We also made a few design changes to fit the layout a little more.
- Achievements have been renamed to Trophies.
- Any player who made a past purchase, or any player who makes a future purchase will receive the "Early Supporter" trophy with the date of their original purchase tagged to it.
- We fixed a bug with world sorting that was causing featured worlds to appear at the back of the sort.
- The find players page has been modified to include a "last online" date.
- The updates page now includes commits made to our github repositories within the last month to give players visibility of what we are working on.
- Forum tags have been added for early supporters, players with membership, and community partners.
- Players can now buy and sell specials.
- Players now have visibility on their purchase history in their account settings.
- Players can now refund eligible payments directly from their account settings page.
- The my friends page has been modified and now includes your total number of friends.
- We are beginning to make the transition to highlight nicknames instead of usernames site-wide.

We plan to release more exciting updates soon! You can keep track of what we are doing on our updates page:
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