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offline for world building?

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11-26-2022 9:13 AM
My internet connection is tethering from my phone and my data is very limited. Is there a way to use world to build offline when building worlds? I understand that its an online game but I would like to create my world offline and upload when done if possible. This is probably impossible since the launcher redownloads and installs every time I run it, but maybe I missed something.
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11-26-2022 2:05 PM
at the moment there is no way to build in offline mode, this is because when you launch the game it needs to verify that you're really on the account that you say you're on. In the future we can look into alternatives though, thanks for letting us know about this!

the launcher shouldn't be redownloading every time, has it happened twice in one day? what operating system are you on (Windows / Linux)?
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11-26-2022 6:59 PM
Im on windows 10.
I was trying to launch from the desktop shortcut.
the desktop shortcut made by the installer points at
This tries to reinstall everything everytime I click on it.

I looked around and found another launcher at
It shows "Hmm it looks like your trying to manually run the lauancher" and gives me the play a world button!

I was going about this all wrong. I am very new to this kind of game/game creation. I guess I should have just started from the website/mystuff/myworlds and let the browser launch the editor. Thanks for the quick reply.
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