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08-09-2023 8:09 AM
Hi, Im Ryuuware, Im new here
Im trying to create my first world design and would appreciate if someone can point me to some tutorials for world creations (not, scripting, I already found those) but, some tips about how to add models, modify terrain, create the design of the level, would be appreciated
Thank you all
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08-09-2023 2:23 PM
I'm not an expert on all of this but I hope this helps.

Add Models:
In the Window(s) Designs & Vault in the World Editor there are free to use community created Designs aka Models.

Modify Terrain:
Can't Do (as far as I'm aware)

Create Designs:
Go to My Stuff > My Designs > New Design | Then you can place Voxels and create voxel models for your world once you save them the will show up in your Vault/Designs.

I'm learning myself so I can't help to much but the docs are really helpful. ( https://docs.worldtobuild.com )
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