Issues we are aware of - 11/06/2019 - World to Build

Issues we are aware of - 11/06/2019

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11-07-2019 12:03 AM
Hi all,

We are aware of the following issues you may be experiencing on the platform. Fixes for these bugs are in progress and will be shipped out in the next update to our client and platform.

Known issues:
- Users unable to set thumbnails on games, game console and properties disappear when trying to exit out of thumbnail setter.
- Builder crashes unexpectedly on thumbnail set.
- Builder crashes after certain number of parts or properties are met.
- Players unable to load into games after host leaves.

Slight workaround for crashes (11/06/2019):
If you notice your game crashes unexpectedly, World To Build stores a temporary backup of your game every 5 minutes. Check Documents -> WorldToBuild -> Saves for a copy of your game that can be loaded locally.
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