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Design Submission Guidelines

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Updated: 02-24-2022
On World to Build, players can create their own 3D voxel designs in our voxel editor. Once a player creates a design, they can then request that it be uploaded to the Marketplace to be sold to other players.

Because we want to ensure a consistent quality of items on the Marketplace, our team reviews submissions for their quality and detail. This article will explain what we expect, and what you can do if your design gets rejected.

Quality Expected

We expect a certain level of quality when approving items to be sold on the Marketplace. We want players to get the best quality designs available when they are purchasing them.

Examples of submissions we will approve:

Examples of submissions we will not approve:

Personal Wearable Designs

Designs that are made as signature outfits, or might be unique to you, may not be listed for public sale. Our team may choose to accept your design as a personal design, meaning only you own it and it won't be sold on the public Marketplace. This doesn't necessarily mean that your design was poor quality, but it does mean that the item appears to fit better as a personal design.

Approvals and Denials

Sometimes our team will reject designs that do not meet quality or detail standards for the Marketplace. This isn't to say that your design is made poorly, but we do have to maintain consistency on the Marketplace to have high-quality designs available for public sale.


When your design pends review, a message will be displayed at the top of your design's submission page. It is important to check back to the page and review any messages that appear at the top of your page. A message will appear if the design is approved or denied.


If approved to be sold on the Marketplace, we provide a commission to players on each post-tax sale on their design. The cap on commission is 80% of this sale, but the number is truly determined by our team at the time the design is reviewed.

You may review your commission history to find out how much you are making on each sale of your design. (


As the quality of designs increases in the future, older and less-detailed designs may be taken off from public sale on the Marketplace in their place. There is no way to update designs already submitted to the Marketplace at this time.
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