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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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Updated: 02-23-2022

How do I play games?

1. Download the client and builder:
2. Navigate to the worlds page:
3. Press the "Play" button on any world to start playing!

How do I make my own world?

1. Download the client and builder:
2. Navigate to your My Worlds page:
3. Press the Create World button.

How can I work for World to Build?

Our team is comprised of adults over the age of 18 who apply to work at World to Build. You can keep track of open positions by visiting our careers page on our company website. World to Build offers internships as well as part-time and full-time positions! View available positions here:

How can I get BuildBux and Qbits?

BuildBux are received through currency purchases or membership, or when another user uses their BuildBux to purchase items sold by other players. Players receive 15 Qbits per login day and 1 Qbit per (legitimate) world visit. There are no other ways to obtain BuildBux or Qbits, including generators or giveaway websites.

How can I exchange BuildBux and Qbits?

An exchange feature does not currently exist to exchange BuildBux for Qbits or vice versa. We are examining this feature a little closer and plan to announce a decision later on in development.

What happened to all of my old items that I had prior to 01/27/2021?

We changed our avatars on 01/27/2021 to a voxel-based system. Because player-uploaded clothing items were not compatible with our new avatars, we had to remove them from the Marketplace. If you purchased a clothing item that is now deleted, your account has been credited the original payment amount of each item you purchased.

Hats and specials that were previously in the Marketplace are still on their way back. If you owned a hat or special prior to 01/27/2021, a new voxel-based version of these items is being worked on and they will be automatically granted to previous owners.

When was World to Build made?

World to Build released in alpha on December 30th, 2018.

Can I help develop World to Build?

Absolutely! We value player feedback. If you're 13 years or older, visit us on Discord ( and chat with us or post your suggestion on the Forum. Your feedback could directly determine the outcome of a feature or addition!

Why is the builder/game running slowly for me?

We are actively improving our builder and client to get them up to efficiency standards. Some players may experience degraded performance from time to time. We suggest adjusting your graphics settings in the builder settings to improve performance. Additionally, reducing part-count may temporarily resolve lag issues. We are working hard to fix small issues like this that prevent our players from producing detailed builds.
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