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Planned Features

In-Game Emotes (Live)
Wave hello to your friends, dance, high five, and more with the emotes update. Playing with friends suddenly feels a lot less like a chat room and a lot more like a new world!
(100 / 100%)
Big Lua Update
We're upgrading our Lua to run about 500x faster, include future support for modules, fix syntax error reporting and unlogged errors, and much more!
(80 / 100%)
Dedicated Networking (Game)
We're transitioning World to Build from peer-to-peer networking to dedicated networking. This will pave the way for better, more reliable gameplay.
(40 / 100%)
Web Redesign
We're updating the website to be more in-line with our updated branding changes. More information soon!
(30 / 100%)
Secret Scripting Update
The Illuminati doesn't even know about this project! Making games on World to Build will be easier than ever.
(10 / 100%)


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