World: ⭐ [WIP] ⭐ Prison Life Remastered ⭐ v0.0.16 ⭐

Welcome to my hand-made recreation of the classic Prison Life 2! This version comes with some minor changes improving the game style and adaptation to the WTB engine.

This is a non-profit project, and official game is created by @AestheticalRBLX. Please support all the hard work he put into the original game by playing it on Roblox and buying items.

// updates //
01.15.2020 | More front gate construction and various proportion adjustments.
01.06.2020 | Breakable toilets, front gate progress, and performance improvements!
12.26.2019 | Players-per-server increased to 20 (boost)
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01/15/2020 7:11pm
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