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Explore a flat map of the world, confined by voxels.

The remaster is being worked on.
Awesome!!! :D
Do not forget the microscopic organisms, too.
OK cool, now do a detailed 1-1 recreation of the entire planet featuring hyper realistic detailing down to the last pebble including each city, landmark, and natural formation
so good!
I remember playing this with you when you started building this a while ago. You have greatly improved it from what I see on the thumbnail. Very good job : )
Aw epic.
Awesome project that you're working on, I love just jumping around and exploring the map! POG GAME
finally added new rocks, trees and more recent plant designs
Cool place, but bogota isnt in venezuela, its in colombia.
Ooh, comments! sup guys! :P
cool game but pls add Asia
yes it is
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