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Thank you everyone for 600+ visits! I appreciate you sticking around even when things got slow. I am still working towards a final product for Reach, it has just been delayed due to a ton of stuff happening IRL. Enjoy the small update and look forward to what's new!

We are finalizing the map for “Artic Caverns”. This will be the final level for “Reach”, with that being said, the adventure doesn’t stop there. We will constantly be optimizing "Reach" until we feel it's no longer needed. We are introducing a sequel to “Reach”, but with a twist. We are still working on the overall plot of the game but it is in the works. Stick around and find out what it is! For updates join the Inspyre Gaming Club!

2,500+ Objects

Arctic Caverns obstacle update(6/26/23)
Lobby Update
Arctic Caverns Designs(6/26/23)

Arctic Caverns(30%)
Mt. Voxel Designs & Optimization
Lobby adjustments/updates
Arctic Caverns Fast Pass

Levels are added often, check back and try to beat the new levels.

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Credit to Misfortune, Derp and the World to Build community for their designs used in the making of "Reach"
This is a cool and fun game!
My apologies for the lack of updates. I had to really get a grasp on some things. I am back and focused. Reach will be done soon!
No comment
Slowly optimizing small features until we release the bigger update. Almost done, stay tuned.
what's new ?
Artctic Caverns are almost complete! The map itself is a little bare at the moment, but the plan is in motion!
are the Arctic Caverns almost finished? I can't tell, I'm too lazy to beat Mt.Voxel anymore
To the people who thumbs down the game; is there a reason? Did you just not enjoy it? What is the purpose of the thumbs down? If you could leave a comment so we could fix these things that would be great!
Thank you!
absolutely splendid work. congratulations !
Thank you for the feedback, Dove! I updated the game yesterday to optimize the Jungle. Some boggy trees have been removed. We are constantly looking for ways to improve the game and believe we’re on the right track! Stay tuned.
btw, just to let you know, the assets in here that I made are very outdated, and I made better assets, so you can overwrite the old ones if you want
Great obby
Had some fps issues loading in to the jungle zone, and the bridge messed my fov up for some reason
On the other hand the jungle looked great.
Bare with us. The update will be released soon! :)
Sorry if the game seems too long, we built it with the vision of long term game play. Unfortunately there isn’t a way to save your data as of now, but that’s what the fast travels are for. If you have any suggestions shoot us a message! :)
bruhhhhh why does it have to be sooo longggg
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