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barely visible, hard, couldnt get past first stage because i was too lazy to get my mouse, 10/10
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as a matter of fact why does everybody hate this game i mean come on man theres not checkpoints so add some
vv Yes sorry. I was just trying to explain why there's no checkpoints
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It does not matter if this was on roblox. As pastrymale said, there are dozens of TOH games. Roblox nor the creator of TOH does not care whatsoever. There is no reason to cause drama and blatantly call this a copy.
A metaverse is a term and experience is a term. Both made by roblox. The "experiences" came from Roblox when being sued by Epic.
Roblox is a metaverse . So how can it have games ? ? ? It has experiences not games v
ROBLOX has dozens of "Towers of Hell" games. So apparently it's okay to take an idea if you put it on ROBLOX and not okay if you put it on another platform? Your logic is flawed, my friend.
wtb is better than roblox imo
this is so hard
so? this isnt roblox so it doesnt matter if he copies it does it
v its still a game tho
You just copied some Roblox experience and made your own . And I have an answer for the others . If there's not checkpoints , It's because in the original Roblox experiences , there's no checkpoints .
why are people disliking this? it's a good game
add checkpoints
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