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An endless tower of easy and hard obstacle courses - it's why the name of the game is called : "Sweet & Sour"!

Currently, there are 18 levels!

You can share ideas for the game and report game issues at: https://www.worldtobuild.com/forum/topic/2375


v3.0.3 (June 06,2023):
Minor update in response to lag feedback.

- Grass, flowers, mushrooms and tombstones was removed from level 16 to lessen player lag.
- WTB World Developers do not have much control over world lag; we have published suggestion threads to address this issue: https://www.worldtobuild.com/forum/topic/2378 & https://www.worldtobuild.com/forum/topic/2377.

v3.0.2 (June 05, 2023):
- Three new levels were added to the tower
- Added black borders to levels
- Minor lobby update
- Level 3's checkpoint issue was addressed
- Level 2's checkpoint size was reduced in height
- Added a tip at Level 14
- Reduced speed of elevator part at Level 14
- Added black borders to levels
- Minor updates to levels 9, 10 and 11 (lava addition)

v2.0.1 (January 29, 2023):
- Five new levels were added to the tower!

- Checkpoints at the start of every level!
- Kill bricks and moving obstacles begin at level 4!
- Hints to relieve stress and frustration!

Fun Fact: Won "Team's Pick" during January 2023!
update: i beat it lol, it was kinda laggy but i did it. there is a giant trophy and some fun facts
ima beat this
first comment
Wait hold on a second, the title says "Sweet & Sour Tower" but the thumbnail says "Sweet Sour & Tower" lol
I quit after the orange part, wayyy too laggy
Thanks. The new Level 16 contained lots of parts, so they were removed to lessen lag. There's not a lot I can do, so I made two suggestion threads for WTB: worldtobuild.com/forum/topic/2378 & worldtobuild.com/forum/topic/2377
way to laggy, maybe move part of the levels to another world so it doesn't have as many moving objects in the one world. otherwise very fun game!
good game I quit on the yellow part
Thanks @Inspyre
nope can belive this
Congrats on the 100 plays!
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